What Is Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is a medical condition caused by damage to your peripheral nervous system, the vast communications network that transmits information from your brain and spinal cord (i.e. the central nervous system) to every other part of your body…

Your peripheral nerves also send sensory information back to your brain and spinal cord, such as a message that your feet are cold or a finger is burned. It is made up of different kinds of nerves with various functions, like:

  • Sensory nerves: mainly responsible for the transmission of sensations like touch and pain.
  • Motor nerves: in charge of controlling muscles.
  • Autonomic nerves: These are designated to regulate the automatic functions of the body, for example, the bladder and blood pressure.

Finding A Treatment That Works For You… 

The damage to your peripheral nerves can cause a broad range of disease indications depending on which nerves are affected. In many cases, the medical condition gradually develops over time in your body, for example, arms, legs, hands, and feet.

So, if you think you have this condition, then you will go to the doctor. Most of the time, the doctor will tell YOU that there is no absolute cure or treatment for reversing YOUR disease. You can only wish now for a miracle cure to happen to soothe all the painful sensations and the discomforts you have… so you can enjoy cycling, walking, touching again or even a good nights sleep… So, what are your options..

Can Neuropathy Be Cured?

Well, if you are feeling hopeless, tired and disillusioned about YOUR condition and what the future holds for YOU, read on… a new science-backed formula, a result of 100’s of clinical tests is showing fantastic results and offering new hope to neuropathy sufferers… it is called the Nuturna Maximum Strength Neuropathy Support Formula. It is a natural dietary support formula composed of 18 key ingredients that are scientifically proven to reduce and in some cases, eliminate the pain, tingling, and burning symptoms caused by neuropathy… it is also, the only neuropathy support which included all 10 Science-Backed Vitamin Minerals and Herbs… that clinical trials have shown to improve and relieve neuropathy symptoms…

Only someone who suffers from peripheral neuropathy truly understand the pain it causes in everyday life, the constant pain, the sleepless nights, the never ending tingling and stabbing pains, bowel and bladder problems, paralysis and even muscle weakness… However, for thousands of suffers this has became a thing of the past… and it could for you too…

Introducing The Maximum Strenght Neuropathy Support Formula

We already know that Vitamin deficiencies can cause widespread damage to the nerve tissue, Vitamin E, B1, B6, B12 and niacin are essential for healthy nerve function. Thiamine deficiency, in particular, can cause a painful neuropathy of the extremities…. To counter this, the supplement created by Nuturna is packed with 10 clinically tested and proven ingredients that have a synergistic effect in reducing and supporting your neuropathic symptoms

The Ingredients

ALA Alpha Lipoic Acid and the magic of 600 mg

We all know by now that ALA Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of the key supplements for nerve pain neuropathy support, in-fact, the results have been so good that in places like Germany it is now prescribed by doctors. However, what most supplement companies don’t tell you is that the clinical trials were carried out using a minimum of 600 mg of ALA a day… 
They claim you will get the same results, but then only include 200, 300 or some 400 mg ONLY Nuturna include 600 mg as a daily dose, this is one of the main reasons we love this product and one of the main reasons neuropathy suffers are seeing such great results… and so can you…
Unlike other supplements for nerve pain, The Nuturna Neuropathy Support Formula is a powerful nerve support formula made by very skilled medical herbalists pharmacists and researchers. It has 10 essential ingredients, vitamins, and natural antioxidants, all of them are clinically proven to reduce or even eliminate neuropathic symptoms like tingling, burning, and throbbing. aching. Importantly, it is also the only clinically backed support which included 600 mg of ALA… 300 mg in a serve, two serves per day
It consists of the purest ingredients, the entire action of this medicine is very efficient and positive. The pills come in a bottle, and there are 120 vegetable gelatin capsules inside each container. One single bottle is enough for a month to soothe all your neuropathic problems and relieve nerve pain, giving you a better future

18 Vital Vitamins & Supplements

Additional Herbs

Does It Really Work?

As we all know, this condition strikes due to a lack of nutrients in the body. This is why nerve support supplements are recommended. Here are some of the commonly reported benefits of this supplement


The Good
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • 1-Year 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Ingredients proven by clinical studies
  • Contains all 10 science backed vitamins and supplements
  • 600 mg ALA alpha lipoic Dosage
The Bad
  • Not recommended for pregnant women
  • Not the cheapest supplement, but you’re paying for the best quality ingredients

Complaints & Side Effects

To date, no negative complaints or side effects of the Nuturna Neuropathy Support has been reported. However, since it contains Skullcap as the herbal ingredient, it is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Scientific studies have proven that all the supplements of Vitamin B are totally safe.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Thousands of happy customers have shared positive reviews of their results after taking the supplement as directed for at least one month. Here are several which our readers have found the most helpful...

alex shpirt

December 27, 2018

Thank you guys for creating such a great product. First few days I was taking 4 pills a day (2 at breakfast and 2 at dinner time),but now only 2 in the 
morning.My neuropathy pain in my legs are completely gone.I feel completely relax,sleep well and even my bowl movement (not sure if that 
related) every day in the same time without any problems.Great product . I will keep buying it for a long time.

December 15, 2018

Once you try nuturna you will see why I am so happy, I took the time to research diabetic neuropathy and what natural support was out there and importantly what was working and what was just fancy marketing, it was very clear to me when I saw the ingredient list in nuturna that it is the only support worth taking…

it’s true that 600 mg to 900 mg of ALA Alpha Lipoic Acid is what all the clinical trials used to get the good results and nuturna is the only support I can find with the 600 mg. Plus, I googled the 10 science-backed supplements for neuropathy and again the only supplement with all 10 is nuturna.

Your health is the most important asset you have, so do your own research and read the labels, in fact, I don’t even know if nuturna will work for you, we are all different, what I can say it works for me and my wife and it is without douth the strongest and most potent nerve relief supplement on the market, unless you go and buy two or three but why do that…

We suffered for years, I was having terrible pins and needles pain in my right leg and my foot, my wife in her hands and feet but not as bad for her. Most of the jabbing pain and pinpricks that I experienced laying down at night have dissipated 90% at least

There is still some, but it is greatly reduced. Plus the numbness has greatly reduced. My feet no longer feel like they are filled with lead when I get up in the morning.

If I had to give some numbers, I would guess that the symptoms have been reduced by somewhere between 40 to 60%. And still getting better

So, do your own research, but I have no hesitation in recommending nuturna not because I know it will work for you, but because I know you will not find anything better, then you can at least say you tried the best.

Amazon Customer

October 19, 2018

I could notice a difference especially in the morning, my nerve pain in my legs was greatly reduced. I am able to sleep comfortably at night again and you know the difference it makes to my day is fantastic, my mood is positive, I am happier about life in general. The next thing I bought this product for is because it combined several B vitamins, especially benfotiamine (fat-soluble B-1) that are directly related to nerve health into one, convenient supplement, along with alpha lipoic acid and several other very important vitamins and supplements. You should watch the video on 10 science-backed vitamins on here

The Bottom Line

Our final opinion is that the Nuturna Neuropathy Support Formula could be a great solution to provide you with relief from all of the symptoms associated with nerve damage and pain. The majority of users have been extremely happy with their results and saw their symptoms greatly reduced or even completely go away.

Dealing with nerve pain is not easy, and you’ve likely tried many different products and treatments hoping to finally stumble upon one that works.

Given that the product uses the highest standards in manufacturers, as well as the easiest to absorb ingredients, we believe this is a safe solution and worth giving a try. Because the company offers a 365-day money back guarantee, our staff at naturalwellnessassociation.com give Nuturna Neuropathy Support our 100% recommendation.

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