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The Nuturna Story

Created out of love and passion by Diabetics for Diabetics

Where it started…
The story starts in 1990 when the founders of Nuturna started a small family business… a diabetes testing supply company in Central Florida.

Like most small businesses they wore multiple hats, from sales to shipping, customer service to product selection. “However”, they quickly learned about the needs and concerns of their customers who were coping with the challenge of self-managing their diabetes.

They took great pride in taking the extra time with their customers to listen and learn and over the next 16 years the company grew and found new ways to support and help diabetic customers from Florida to Maine and Alaska to Hawaii.

The Turning Point
In 2006 a second company was founded with an expanded mission: education and patient support. Why… the vision was to use testing supplies as the entry point to provide diabetics with ongoing education services and patient support.
They were shocked at how little support was available to the majority of people with diabetes, so they expanded the educational resources for healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses, educators, clinics, insurance companies and hospitals.

Diagnosed with Diabetes
It was now that they were both diagnosed with diabetes… like you this was a life changing event for them, they now realized that education is helpful but not enough, there had to be more. A person with diabetes needs another “tool” in their “diabetes tool kit”. And That “tool” is nutritional support.

The Solution was found
Entering the world of nutritional supplements was an eye opener to them. There are products on the market that are questionable at best and whose focus (as you know) is on marketing and sales, not healthcare.

They quickly saw the need for an industry changing product that combines both the proven ingredients to lower blood glucose levels and also provide comprehensive nutritional support needed by diabetics… from vitamins and minerals to antioxidants… a comprehensive diabetes support solution was needed.

Putting the customer first
They decided to create a product that had the best interests of diabetics at its core, one they themselves were happy to take, they spoke to doctors, pharmacists, dieticians and every healthcare professional they could, with one simple question in mind, if you could create the perfect supplement for a diabetic what would it be?

Using science based research and peer-reviewed analysis, Nuturna Powerful Strength 28 ingredient Support Formula was created.

Setting New Standards
You can rest assured that with the help of doctors, pharmacists and dieticians we have created the very best nutritional support product available. You are guaranteed to be happy with Nuturna, if not… we will refund your purchase price, period.

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality nutritional support, and to educate and motivate you to live a healthy and vibrant life. It’s not rocket science… it is Better Health, Made Simple.