Nerve Support Formula

Nerve Support Formula Reviews: Does This Simple Neuropathy Supplement Help Reduce Nerve Pain and Neuropathy Symptoms?

What is Nerve Support Formula?

Nerve Support Formula is a vitamin supplement for people suffering from neuropathy and related conditions.

It comprises of the potent forms of Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12 as well as other nutrients that help in supporting neural health.

The supplement’s manufacturer, Real Health Products Inc., categorizes it as a nerve optimizer. It has been on the market for over a decade now and has several positive reviews online.

About Real Health Products Inc

Real Health Products Inc. is a California based firm that specializes in developing supplements for natural health. Its mission is to help people to control and improve their quality of life. They have operated in the market for more than a decade with Nerve Support Formula as its pilot product.

The unique advantage that this firm has over most of its competitors is its use of clinically verified ingredients in developing its supplements. As a result, the products have little or no adverse side effects on the body. It also makes it easy to determine the proper dosage of the product. It is not surprising, therefore, that most customers have found Nerve Support Formula a working solution for their nerve pain. (Only Very Mild Neuropathy)

How Does It Work?

Nerve Support Formula helps in improving nerve health and provides other health benefits of its ingredients. Understanding each of the components of this neuropathy supplement provides an insight into how it works as an alternative for conventional neuropathy treatment.

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The Ingredients

  • Benfotiamine:

Deficiency of B-vitamins is considered a primary cause of the neuropathy and related problems. The typical form of vitamin B1 available is Thiamine, which is water-soluble. Therefore, it is quickly flushed out of the body.

Fortunately, another form of the vitamin, Benfotiamine, which is fat-soluble, is available. It has high bioavailability as it stays longer in the body. Studies have shown that its presence in the body encourages the development of the myelin sheath around nerves that protects them against damage.

  • Methylcobalamin

Vitamin B12 is another essential B vitamin for nerve function. Studies show that methylcobalamin promotes nerve regeneration. It also helps in improving blood supply to in the body including the blood cells.

The commonly available form of B12, Cyanocobalamin, cannot be used in the body without converting it to methylcobalamin. The ability of the body to carry out this conversion diminishes with aging. Fortunately, advances in neutraceutical technology have made it possible to create highly bio-available methylcobalamin.

Nerve Support Formula also contains small amounts of the other B vitamins required for proper absorption and use of Vitamin B12 in the body. The cofactors are vitamin B2 and B6.

  • Folic acid

One symptom of neuropathy is poor blood circulation. RHR solves this problem by including folic acid in the ingredients of Nerve Support Formula. Studies show that it is responsible for improved blood circulation in the body. It also works with vitamin B12 to help form red blood cells to supply oxygen to the nerves and other cells.

  • Vitamin D3

Related studies indicate that Vitamin D3 is a vital source of nutritional support for pain related to neuropathy. Though studies are still ongoing on the benefits of Vitamin D, there is already credible evidence of its ability to enhance the development and function of the nervous system. It also has a neuroprotective effect on the nerves; protecting the neural network from damage by external agents.

Main Benefits of Nerve Support Formula

  • Enhances the regeneration of nerves
  • Protects the nerves from damage
  • Promotes blood flow in the body
  • Reduces neuropathy-induced inflammation
  • Reduces tingling and numbness
  • Boosts mineral absorption by the body
  • Calms tingling and burning sensations

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Side Effects

Nerve Support Formula has no side effects, even if taken in high dosages, since the ingredients have been shown to be non-toxic.

Customer Complaints

Most of the online reviews of this product are positive. However, there are a few users who picked issues with this supplement. One notable complaint is by a long term user who had previously given it five stars in 2014. He had to take back his words a year later. The initial positive review is not included as it was a long one.

“Upon recently purchasing my latest bottle of Nerve Support Formula, after being a loyal customer for several years, I have found something different to be with the bottle I just received…

All the powder inside the capsules is orange instead of yellow, and it looks half empty. It doesn’t taste like b12 at all. B12 is supposed to be bitter and nasty tasting, when I opened these capsules they just tasted like plain powder nothingness.

The only difference on the bottle is the new Nerve Support Formula says “Now including quatrefolic” if your bottle says this you got screwed and ripped off. These new capsules do nothing for my symptoms at all. They are snake oil, may as well be filled with dirt. I can’t believe they changed their formula.

There’s no way the only thing different about this brand is a different type of folic acid. I call BS. For now on I will be buying methylcobalamin (b12) and benfotiamine (b1) separately from different sellers. And now unfortunately I have to change my star rating from 5 to 1. Shame shame, it’s too bad they probably changed the formula for profits because this new stuff looks cheap as dirt.

Another buyer had something else to complain about:

“While I’m not sure if this product helped me, it didn’t hurt me. I didn’t have a miraculous recovery from using it over three months, but it may have supported my body on some level. I realize this is typical of many supplements – some people have fantastic results, while others have varied shades of success.

However, the most notable thing about buying this product is that it comes with a support staff who email, snail mail and call at an alarmingly constant rate in order to try to get you to sign up for regular delivery. The people calling are nice, but the effort was really overkill. I think I would be more apt order the product again if i knew it didn’t come with the sales pitch.”

Reviews: What Customers Say About Nerve Support Formula

Most customers found the product helpful. Some users report that it improved mobility and reduced dependence on steroid treatments within weeks of taking the supplement. Some found it a great reliever of burning sensation and tingling at night. The helpfulliness of the support is one thing that most users pointed out, besides the steep price.

Lulu180 said this about the benefits of the supplement on her daughter:

“This medication allowed her to have better movement and I was able to reduce her steroid by 75%. The prognosis was not good. She was given less than a year of survival. I believe this medication enabled us to have her with us for a year and three-quarters. She was not able to tell me if she was in pain or if this helped, but she was able to move better and be more active after being on it for a week.”

Chris Burrell says:

“This supplement worked great in calming down the tingling and burning sensations, however you need to consume at least 5-6 or more a day, depending on your pain level. the price is kind of steep and you will need to reorder often. maybe every two weeks”

Dedie says:

“I’ve been taking this product for my Diabetic neuropathy for over a year now, and although it did get rid of the fire and electricity shocks at night with no sleep, the numbing effects are still climbing slowly up my legs… I have found it to be very expensive as I take 4/day and it doesn’t last a full month. I’ve taken more with no more results. But I do appreciate the help I’ve received and the crew at the store are very helpful.”

Money Back Guarantee

Real Health Products provides a 90-day money back guarantee on its products. The buyer, besides showing evidence of purchase has to send back an empty bottle to be refunded.

The problem with the terms is that the duration is too long given that the capsules in the bottle are usually emptied within a month or less. Some user pointed out that “they (RHR) make it impossible” to get a refund. It has led to a couple of low ratings.

Where To Buy

A bottle of Nerve Support Formula costs $44.32 and has 120 capsules. The best place to buy your Nerve Support Supplement is from the official website. It is might also be easy to process money back guarantee if you buy from the site than from other online retailers.

In fact, most people who had issues with the refund had not purchased from the official website. You can pay using PayPal, MasterCard or Visa card.

Our Final Conclusion: Do We Recommend It?  NO, YOU can do better… it lacks many important key ingredients…

Nerve Support Formula bottle comes with some of the nutrients the body needs to find relief from the painful symptoms of neuropathy but not all. The forms of Vitamin B1 and B12 are directly available for the body leading to improved neural function and other health benefits.

Even though most people found it beneficial, its performance still varies from one person to another. Some see results within a week, some after a month and it might never help others. If the ingredients on the label are the same inside the bottle, then it may be worth trying out if you have very mild neuropathy. 

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